Building a Higher Class

Elicc Americas Corporation is a world class company bringing global manufacturing, design capabilities, and installation together to complete premier curtain wall projects in the North American market.

Headquartered in San Diego County, California, with a highly energized administration team, Elicc Americas Corporation manages four branches from four countries to culminate in a one-stop turnkey curtain wall service for our customers.

Setting the Standards

Elicc Americas Corporation is global force in providing full range of services from pre-project planning and design development, to construction project management, and finishing in completed project closeout.

Our high performance purchasing and management systems drive out cost competitiveness and enhance cost control capabilities.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

Elicc Americas Corporation promises attention to detail, a high level of service, and to be the easiest and most dependable company to do business with!

Industry Experts

Elicc Americas Corporation fully recognizes the importance of professional experts and has in-house decorators and product designers who yield the best results.

Elicc Americas Corporation manufactures locally to provide a fierce attention to quality, adherence to strict US guidelines, and a creation of curtain wall systems with better longevity than other manufacturers.