Elicc Americas Corporation fully recognizes the importance of professional experts and has product designers who yield the best results. Our global cooperative services allows Elicc Americas Corporation’s team to provide aggressive and competitive price points for everything a project entails.


Every Elicc Americas Corporation project is assigned a design manager with a minimum of 10 years industry experience working on major commercial projects.

The design team maintains their professional skills with ongoing training of standardized processes across projects; which gives us the flexibility to shift staffing with minimal lag, when necessary, to meet aggressive projects schedules.

Our Communications Approach

  1. Listen attentively to the Owner, Architect, General Contractor, and other project team members.
  2. Identify the items the team feels is crucial to the project.
  3. Offer approaches that can achieve an agreeable outcome while maintaining budget and time constraints.

Quality Materials

Our expertise of design and construction analysis for curtain wall systems, storefront systems, window walls, and their glazing sub-systems, includes consideration of seismic issues, inelastic drift, energy performance, and live load.

Elicc Americas Corporation evaluates the quality of each piece of glass, stone aluminum plate, and curtain wall accessories to provide high-quality curtain wall construction products.