Elicc Americas Corporation is PEOPLE-ORIENTED. We aim to provide talent with a multitude of vocational options. Employees who are part of Elicc Americas Corporation have not only a job, but a CAREER!

Elicc Americas Corporation actively commits itself to developing and cultivating the individual ability of every employee and carries out regular trainings, including pre-post trainings for new recruits. Elicc Americas Corporation’s unique professional trainings target technical and management talents and trains employees to the highest level in the trade. Focusing on personal ability and individuality is the best interpretation of Elicc’s HR concepts: to create working and living environments full of inspiration and passion. 

With the accelerated rate of globalization, Elicc Americas Corporation has formally launched a strategic talent development plan. Elicc Americas Corporation combines inter-disciplinary, characteristic, and potential talents to build our “Global Strategy”. Elicc Americas Corporation makes an effort to attract excellent domestic and foreign technical talents. The employees, home and abroad, have generated the comprehensive “immigration culture” of Elicc Americas Corporation and provides us with an excellent team who strive for world-renown work.