Leading Global Trends: Creating World-Class Production Lines.

Production Line Of Unitized Curtain Wall

Elicc Americas Corporation Curtain Wall Assembly takes place in a 550,000 square foot complex with a 240,000 square foot production facility. This facility contains four unitized curtain
wall production lines, with the ability to expand up to 6 production lines, and a total annual production capacity of 1,400,000 square feet.

Elicc Americas Corporation uses four highly automated lines to produce our utilized curtain wall system. All materials are transferred mechanically from station to station using conveyors and overhead cranes for efficiency and precise assembly. To ensure Elicc Americas Corporation provides the best products we only use non recycled aluminum in our production lines.

Glazing Sealant Line Of Component Curtain Wall

Elicc Americas Corporation applies advanced automatic production lines for applying sealant on glass.

Our machinery, 36 ling, has a rotary table with capabilities for automatic glass sealant in its middle. During the curtain wall production process, the flow amount of sealant can be regulated to the proper time so the entire workshop can be kept clean, dust- and paint-free. Elicc Americas Corporation employs the environmentally friendly practice of only using powdered-coated paint. There are unlikely events where use of other types of paint is necessary.

Our Machinery Includes:

  • 36 Ling
  • Hanging crane
  • FOM Double Head Cutting Saw Blitz 50
  • Beijing Pinghe Double Head Cutting Saw QJZ2-500B
  • Kingtool Plate 3 Axis CNC Machining Center KT-204R
  • FOM 4 Axis CNC Machining Center Flen
  • Kingtool 3 Axis CNC Machining Center KT-630R
  • Kingtool Automatic Cutting Saw KT328D/A

Mexico Curtain Wall System Engineering

Mexico Curtain Wall System Engineering, S. de R.L. de C.V holds first-class and large-scale production plants in Tijuana, Mexico, where the most advanced and complete production lines of curtain walls, aluminum alloy doors, and windows are equipped.

Elicc Americas Corporation’s Tijuana plants have a total of 390 employees. These employees are comprised of 360 production workers, and 30 office staff for human resources, procurement, coordination and production management.

In the Pursuit of Quality There are No Insignificant Details

Elicc Americas Corporation evaluates each piece of glass, stone, painted metal, and other structural materials for its architecture quality and performance. We pursue consistent high quality management system to provide our partners with the best facade products available.

Elicc Logistics

Every piece of curtain wall for across the United States of America is first sent to Elicc Americas Corporation’s shipping and receiving in California, USA.

Our Logistics team coordinates each shipment in regards to location and project deadlines to safely get each piece of the unitized system of glass,or uniquely designed curtain wall material, from our Mexico Curtain Wall System Engineering, S. de R.L. de C.V to job sites across America. Every facade piece that is seen hanging from structures in beautiful city skylines was first handled in our home warehouses to ensure quality and care prior-to and during shipment. This complicated process is a testament to our values of Integrity, Customer Focus, One Team, Accountability, and Safe Work Environment which Elicc Americas Corporation aims to demonstrate every day, every way.